Aug 22 15 7:00 PM

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I'm currently living in Yorkshire with a Danish wife, but our ambition is to join her family among the Svansker in Skåne.  Very glad to find an existing British community there!  I'm hoping we can pick up tips to make the move easier.

Meanwhile, I'm preparing for it by building up a business trading at Viking shows in Denmark and Sweden, selling my own and others' historical jewellery.  (www.runesmith.co.uk, if you're interested!)  When I tell people I sell Viking jewellery in Sweden I usually add that I'm working up to selling oil to Arabs.  But the joke is on the Swedish crafters, because for the last few years they've been being undercut by Poles... and this year the Poles are complaining that they're being undercut by Estonians.  I stay ahead of the game by having different designs and styles to the ten or twenty standard museum pieces that everyone makes.

Our dream is to have a country place with room for at least one more family to share with us, so we can spread some expenses and tasks, have some company and someone to feed the cats and milk the cow when we're away.  My experience of the communes circuit, back in my hippie days, is that once we have a place we'll have no trouble finding people who want to join; but it would be nice to have some contacts beforehand.  I wasn't thinking of expats, but why not?  So if anyone thinks that sounds like an attractive idea, get in touch.