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Jan 13 14 10:53 AM

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Hi everyone!

I am Tracy, an English mum of two, living in a tiny place in Skåne (the furthest south, if you are not sure). In August last year we decided to up-sticks and move back to Sweden (we'd lived in the UK for five years), and I have to say, that I couldn't be happier!

I am a freelance writer and have the absolute pleasure of working from home - I write, bake cakes and look after my two kids who are the loves of my life. Plus Alvin - our dog, who worships the ground I walk on, but who annoys the life out of me! Bless him!

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Feb 27 14 5:34 PM

Hi there

I am Hannah from Sunny Eastbourne. I work as a Printer in my families business. Currently I still live in the UK, so I'm joining your forum a little early. My Fiancé is Swedish and has lived here in the UK with me for eight years. We decided two years ago that this would be the year we move to Sweden. He has just got a job in Stockholm and starts at the end of April. I am very excited but also very scared to make the move. So I would be really grateful to hear how others coped with the moving process and such. 

Also I have been taking Swedish lessons practically every week for two and a half years and I still cannot string much of a sentence together, and my brain just freezes whenever someone speaks to me in Swedish. I would love to hear how people cope with the language, as well as peoples favourite things about life in Sweden :)

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Mar 3 14 1:24 PM

Hej Hannah!

So great to see you here. You are officially my first member (please don't let that scare you off!).

How exciting! Good luck with the move! Sweden has some faults (where doesn't?), but it has so many positives and is a great place to live!

Ah, the Swedish. Yes, even after ten years I freeze when I have to speak Swedish, especially when it is unexpected. It will get a little easier when you are here, and the good thing is that everyone speaks English so well, especially in places like Stockholm.

Any other questions you have, just let me (and hopefully any other new members) know!



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